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Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston Corporate Stance
Against Human Trafficking

We, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston,
whose mission of unity and reconciliation
impels us to promote right relationships,
denounce the slavery of human trafficking
in all its forms in every place where it exists.


• to educate ourselves and others about the
causes, consequences and magnitude of human trafficking

• to work to eliminate the root causes of human trafficking
• to minister to victims of human trafficking in
collaboration with others
• to use our strength as consumers and investors
to promote a just society that eliminates the
incentives for human trafficking

CSSJ US Federation on Human Traficking Statement

To mark the fifth annual Human Trafficking Awareness Day, about 125 people participated in a silent prayer vigil and public witness held at the Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse in Brighton.
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(Boston Globe)

United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking

End Demand - No Demand no Supply

A Guide to Fighting Human Trafficking

Tell Hershsy to go Fair Trade

Stop Corporate Human Trafficking - NEW


Visit these websites:

• Fast one day each month for victims of trafficking and their perpetrators

• Add an email "signature" to all of your emails- that tells people you are working with others on this issue

• Use Google to go to a different website each month to learn something new about trafficking of women and children.

• Read the book Not for Sale by David Batstone and recommend it to others.

• Ask your parish's Social Concerns committee to sponsor an information night on Human Trafficking

• Write a letter to the editor or an editorial for your city's or town's newspaper. Remember- human trafficking and modern day slavery IS INVISIBLE unless you help make it visible. Help others to "look beneath the surface."

• If you are a teacher, principal or parish minister, integrate economic justice programs into your school/parish

• Subscribe to and discuss the free international

Newsletter, Stop Trafficking.Stop Trafficking Newsletter

• Ask your local law enforcement agencies (sheriff, police) or hospitals or clinics or colleges in your area to "get the word out" to their employees, patients or students by using free, full-color posters and brochures. Go to:

The Campaign to Rescue & Restore Victims of Human Trafficking: Campaign Tool Kits
for materials.

Links for Teachers

Download a Guide to Ending Sweatshops

The Economic and Social Context of Human Trafficking
U.S. Conference of Bishops - Human Trafficking

Parish packet on trafficking (pdf)
Stop Human Trafficking Newsletter

Video :  The Cost of Demand - This 4 min. YouTube is powerful!

Not for Sale Campaign- Many ideas on fighting Human Trafficking

Free the Slaves - Background and action steps